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4 Child Support Factors You Need to Consider

Posted on : December 29, 2014, By:  admin

After a divorce or separation where minor children are involved, child support becomes an issue. Who pays child support and how much is something that both parties are equally concerned with, for different reasons. The payor is often concerned that they will be ordered to pay more child support than they can afford, and the payee is concerned that they will not receive enough money to support the minor children. No matter what side of your Alabama child support case you are on, there are many factors about child support you need to know.


1. Child Support Is Designed to Benefit the Child

While child support can be a significant point of contention between separated couples, its primary purpose is to benefit the child. Many couples let their frustration or fear cloud this fact, and are worried that their spouse will cheat them in some way. Alabama courts award child custody for the benefit of the child, and only for the benefit of the child. Keeping this at the forefront of your mind can help you adjust your expectations throughout the child custody proceedings.


2. Child Support is Calculated Using a Standard Formula

In the state of Alabama, child support is calculated using a standard formula that is based on the income of the payor. Other factors are taken into consideration, especially the financial needs of the child, however, the state cannot order child support payments to be made that are over the standard amount based on the payor’s income. The courts cannot award more or less child support to the payee for objective reasons — they must follow the standard formula when calculating and awarding child support.


3. You Need to Keep Diligent Records

Whether you are the payee or the payor, it is important that you keep your own records of how much is paid/received. Set up a filing system that allows you to put receipts, proof of mail, and any other pertinent documentation that applies to when you sent or received payments. If there are any discrepancies later on, the court can look up how much was paid or received, but this can take time and is not a fool proof method. Having your own records that indicate how much you paid or received is critical in case an issue ever comes up.


4. You Need to Contact an Alabama Child Support Lawyer

Understanding child support laws can be challenging, and you need to be confident that your rights and interests are being protected while the court is determining the amount of child support and to whom it will be paid. At the Law Firm of Ted Williams Jr., LLC, we understand how child support in Alabama works and can provide you the legal support you need. By working with a skilled Alabama child support lawyer, you can be sure that your case is being handled with the utmost professionalism.


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