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Protecting Your Children In a Divorce

Posted on : February 2, 2015, By:  admin

Being involved in a divorce is strenuous for everyone, but it can be especially difficult for children. Children can become confused when they don’t understand what is happening or why things are changing at home. Easing your children through the process of your separation is key to decreasing the overall impact that the divorce will have on their emotional and mental well-being. Here’s how to protect your children during a divorce.

Have Regular One-on-One Quality Time With Your Children

It’s easy to get caught up in the throes of the divorce and feel like you have bigger things on your plate than doing normal, everyday things. It is important to maintain a normal life as much as possible for your children as they navigate through your divorce. Make sure to spend some quality one-on-one time with each of your children on a daily or weekly basis without talking about the divorce. Color, make cookies, or play a video game. Do something fun for them that allows them to connect with you in a meaningful way.

Put Together a Visitation Calendar

One of the most important things you must communicate to your children in a divorce is that you and your ex-spouse will always be their parents. Children can easily become hurt or confused when they are visiting one parent without knowing the next time they will see their other parent. Put together a special calendar that shows your child when they’re spending time with Mom and when they’re spending time with Dad. They’ll have an easier time handling the transition when they know what to expect and when.

Don’t Pressure Your Children to Discuss the Divorce

Children process their feelings differently than adults, and sometimes talking about the divorce is not the best way to help children move through their emotions. This is particularly true for young children who understand little more than Mommy and Daddy not living together anymore. Instead of trying to talk about the divorce with your children, help them to express their feelings in other ways. Art, physical activity, and music are all great ways that children can explore how they feel without having to verbalize it.

Consider Mediation

Mediation is an excellent way to help children better cope with a divorce, simply because the entire process is easier for everyone involved. Instead of going toe to toe with your ex-spouse during litigation, you can reach a compromise on marital issues outside of court. Discuss with your Alabama divorce attorney whether mediation may be a good solution for your family or not.

At the Law Firm of Ted Williams Jr., LLC, we understand how challenging a divorce is for children. We’re committed to helping families move through the stages of a divorce with ease, and we will help you protect the best interests of your children during the entire process. Call us today for a consultation to discuss your legal options at (205) 623-4443.